AAEM 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly
AAEM 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly

American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM)

22nd Annual Scientific Assembly

Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl

3rd Annual EMPA Fellowship Challenge Bowl 

The AAEM Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl is a friendly competition among Emergency Medicine PA Fellows held 22nd Annual AAEM Scientific Assembly.


2016 Team Schedule

Room: Sunset 5


Challenge Bowl


Award Presentation


PA Task Force Meeting


Team Members

  Naval Medical Center San Diego

Joseph Hamm, PA-C
Michelle C. Miller, PA-C

  University of Iowa

Garrett Scray, PA-C
Josiah Horneman, PA-C


Fellowship Challenge Bowl Description

This event is entertaining and educational for students, faculty, graduates and guests. The competition is between teams of two PA's per program. The faculty and fellow body of each fellowship/residency should agree unanimously on the trainees selected to participate in the Challenge Bowl. Multiple teams from the same residency/fellowship are encouraged to submit.

Fellows' academic commitments should not be compromised to study for the Challenge Bowl. All fellows should have the opportunity to participate in preparation for the Challenge Bowl.

Programs have their own unique way on how qualified fellows are selected for their team. Some suggestions from various programs include: 

  • Practice consistently in sessions that will facilitate the highest level of preparation
  • Fellows accumulate points during practice sessions for correct answers and the students with the most points are chosen for the final team
  • Some programs fund their Challenge Bowl team (AAEM does not provide funds for teams to participate)
  • Fundraisers may be utilized to send a Challenge Bowl team to AAEM’s Scientific Assembly

The 3rd Annual Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl should be an event that fosters fun, program pride and friendly competition that is infectious for all. Winning is not the focus of the event, however learning and demonstrating pride in your program is the goal of the bowl.

AAEM is committed to Physician Assistants to have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their academic accomplishments in an environment of friendly competition that is FUN for ALL!

If you have questions about the Challenge Bowl, please contact the AAEM office at 800-884-2236 or email edevillers@aaem.org.



  • All team members must be members of AAEM. Become an Allied Health member today!
  • Emergency Medicine PA Postgraduate Programs are permitted to register teams of two students. There is no entrance fee.
  • PA programs eligible to participate in the challenge bowl must complete the registration process and submit eligible participants. Online registration will be available through February 1st, 2016.
  • In order to participate in the Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl, each postgraduate program will be required to have a sponsoring AAEM member from their program.   
  • AAEM Challenge Bowl Planning Committee will verify the eligibility of the entries and those who meet requirements.
  • There is no registration fee, but team members must be registered attendees of the AAEM Scientific Assembly and show their individual conference badge at the time of team registration. Click here to register for the Scientific Assembly.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • All questions in the EMPA Fellowship Challenge Bowl are the property of AAEM. Duplication or recording of questions is strictly prohibited. Any EMPA fellow, faculty, or alumni caught recording questions in any fashion will have their program disqualified from the current year’s challenge bowl. The program in question will then be ineligible for participation in the EMPA Fellowship Challenge Bowl for three subsequent years. 
  • Abuse in any form of AAEM staff, leadership, Challenge Bowl volunteers, AV staff, judges, or announcers will not be tolerated. Inappropriate behavior by students, faculty, alumni, program staff, parents, or other observers may result in the team’s immediate disqualification. Inappropriate behavior may include but is not limited to: profanity, physical violence towards equipment or another person, aggressive behavior, refusal to follow instructions or rules, recording questions in any form, or disrupting behavior.
  • Final decision on team eligibility as outlined in the policy above will be enforced by AAEM.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to compete on a team?
Only EMPA fellows currently enrolled in an EMPA postgraduate program society are eligible to participate. You must not have graduated from your fellowship program as of February 17, 2016.

What are the requirements for a team to be eligible to participate? 

  • Have a sponsoring AAEM member
  • All team members must be EMPA postgraduate trainees
  • All team members must be registered for AAEM Annual Scientific Assembly
  • More than one team can be from the same residency/fellowship
  • All team members must be members of AAEM

How do I register a team? 
Registration will remain open through February 1st, 2016 at 11:59pm CT.

What is the cost of registration for the EMPA Fellowship Challenge Bowl?
There is no entrance fee, but participants must be registered attendees of AAEM Annual Scientific Assembly and be able to show their conference name badge onsite.

When will I know if my team has been accepted?
All teams will be notified of their competition schedule by February 8, 2016. Contact the AAEM office at 800-884-2236 or email edevillers@aaem.org.

What do I receive if I win?
Winners will be honored with plaques, highlighted on AAEM's social media pages, in Common Sense & the Journal of Emergency Medicine, and given an AAEM merchandise item.

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