American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Current Committees, Taskforces and Interest Groups

Academic Affairs Committee

  • Liaison to CORD, SAEM, AACEM, NAEMSP and other EM organizations for joint interests and projects.
  • Liaison to JEM.
  • Liaison to academic departments of EM and in particular EM residency programs in order to establish a connection with AAEM at the early stages of resident training and to provide the resources necessary to develop an understanding of the goals of the Academy.
  • Liaison with eMedicine, EP Monthly, EM News and other similar educational enterprises.
  • Provide leadership in the area of academic advocacy.

Clinical Practice Committee

No description available.

Education Committee

  • Develop and coordinate the annual meeting, including a work plan, timeline, budget and publicity. Provide continuous review of the annual meeting goals and objectives as they relate to the Academy's long range plan and mission and make recommendations to the BOD. Publicize the annual meeting to other national organizations. Develop a database of didactic programming for the Scientific Assembly to be used to plan future meetings. Perform a "needs assessment" of the membership on a biannual basis to assist in developing future Scientific Assembly presentation agendas.
  • Develop and coordinate the oral and written board courses and use feedback to improve future courses. Assess the attendance and financial success of these courses and make recommendations to the BOD for future expansions or change in cost structure.
  • Explore new venues to provide AAEM members with the best possible educational resources including access to on-line services, journals and meetings.
  • Explore collaborative efforts with other local, national and international EM organizations to provide educational resources and meetings to AAEM members; this would include defining guidelines for the endorsement of non-AAEM educational events by AAEM and guidelines for the use of the AAEM member mailing list.
  • Explore methods to assist AAEM members with the continuous certification process and explore ways to assist ABEM in its development and implementation of the continuous certification process.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee

  • Make recommendations to the BOD concerning national EMS issues that affect Academy members such as ambulance diversion.
  • Monitor EMS legislation at the state and national level and collaborate with the government affairs committee on how to impact legislation.
  • EMS Committee Mission Statement (5/16/06).

Government and National Affairs Committee

  • In collaboration with the BOD and other committees, direct and coordinate AAEM's lobbying efforts in Washington.
  • Assist AAEM's "watch dog" activities with regard to governmental activities and public health issues that may affect AAEM members.
  • Supervise and coordinate AAEM members' direct lobbying efforts through use of the Legislative Action Center webpage.

International Committee

  • Liaison to international EM societies and organizations on common issues affecting the AAEM membership and the specialty of EM.
  • Foster the development of an International Emergency Medicine Interest Group.
  • Coordinate AAEM-sponsored Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congresses.
  • Analyze and develop opportunities for exchange of information, education and ideas with international EM societies and organizations.

Legal Committee

No description available.

Membership Committee

  • Recommend to the BOD changes in the membership dues structure.
  • Develop methods to enhance and maintain membership in AAEM.
  • Develop and maintain an accurate, up-to-date membership list.
  • Define guidelines which govern the use of the AAEM membership list by other organizations as approved by the board of directors.

Minority Affairs Interest Group

No description available.

Operations Management Committee

  • Create a resource catalog for operations management best practice processes:  Collect operational best practices and make them available as a resource tool for groups interested in these initiatives.
  • Create a data warehouse for ED metrics and operational benchmarks:  Make available operational data to AAEMs members and including  soliciting AAEM membership for data to populate the warehouse.
  • Author an educational series in Common Sense:  Produce an educational article of interest to the general membership in every issue of Common Sense from one of our committee members, many of whom have deep experience in process improvement in the area of operations management.
  • Produce educational sessions  for AAEM scientific assemblies:  Develop a lecture series within the arena of operations management and process improvement as a thread weaving its way through each AAEM Annual Scientific Assembly.
  • Implement an operations management workshop for the  AAEM Scientific Assembly:  This is another high-value objective. Workshops like this represent the best in an applied science approach to a host of theoretical concepts in operations management. A related objective is a quarterly operational excellence activity hosted a various sites around the country.
  • Create an active communications network:  Through the use of social and professional networks including listserves, facilitate the exchange of concepts and ideas for enlightened solutions to operational issues in our emergency departments.

Physician Assistant Task Force

No description available.

Practice Fairness Task Force

No description available.

Practice Management Committee

No description available.

Public Relations Committee

No description available.

Social Media Committee

  • Assist AAEM in getting more involved in venues such as Facebook, Twitter and any other medium that could be used to get our message out to members and potential members.

State Chapter Committee

No description available.

Bylaws / Policy Committee

  • Reassess current bylaws on an annual basis.
  • Act as an advisory group to recommend new bylaws or revisions to existing bylaws.
  • At least 50% of the members of this committee will be BOD members.

Finance Committee

  • Make recommendations to the BOD concerning investments.
  • In conjunction with the membership committee, make recommendations to the BOD regarding the dues structure.
  • Make recommendations to the BOD about future spending.
  • The AAEM secretary/treasurer will be the chairperson of this committee.
  • At least 50% of the members of this committee will be BOD members.