American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Pallative Care Interest Group

Interest Group Focus

Mission: To develop palliative care competence relevant to emergency physicians across all levels of experience.


  1. Educate emergency physicians on how to identify, manage, and refer palliative care eligible patients in the emergency department.
  2. Build peer network for collaboration, mentorship, and research to advance palliative care in the emergency department.
  3. Create professional development and leadership opportunities at both national and regional levels to build capacity in palliative care core competencies across all emergency department practice settings.
  4. Share knowledge and best practices around alternative ED palliative care delivery systems and as well as personal career trajectories.
  5. Advise AAEM advisory board on upcoming key palliative care challenges and opportunities within emergency medicine.

Interest Group Membership - Who We Are

Co-Chairs: David Wang, MD and Mari Siegel, MD FAAEM
Board Liaison: Jennifer Kanapicki Comer, MD FAAEM



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