American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Physician Assistant Task Force

Task Force Focus

  • Foster an environment that fully supports the professional advancement and clinical development of Physician Assistants working in emergency medicine.
  • Research and liaison with both the Membership Committee and AAEM on Physician Assistant memberships that will both enhance and maintain membership in AAEM.  Make recommendations for membership levels for EMPA Fellows and certified EMPAs.
  • Develop and liaison with the Education Committee on how to best involve and/or invite Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants to educational opportunities.
  • Create an active and open communication with AAEM, other committees and Physician Assistants working in Emergency Medicine.
  • Support scholarly input from Physician Assistants working in Emergency Medicine.
  • Assist with legislative issues that affect both Emergency Medicine and Physician Assistants.
  • Make recommendations on any position statements or policy changes regarding Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants

Task Force Membership - Who We Are

Task Force Chair: Kishla Askins, PA-C FAWM



Emergency Medicine PA Challenge Bowl
The Annual EMPA Challenge Bowl is held at AAEM's Annual Scientific Assembly each year. The bowl is a great success for the participating teams and appreciative audience.

Current Projects

  • 3rd Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl - Thursday, February 18, 2016, at the 22nd Annual Scientific Assembly in Las Vegas, NV. Learn more.

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