American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Lisa A. Moreno-Walton, MD MS MSCR FAAEM

Candidate for President-Elect

Nominated by: David Farcy, MD FAAEM FACEP FCCM; Mark Reiter, MD MBA FAAEM; Judith E. Tintinalli, MD MS FAAEM
Membership: 2001-2018
Disclosure: Nothing to disclose at this time

  • AAEM Board of Directors 2015-2018
  • AAEM Foundation Board of Directors 2015-2018
  • Academic Affairs Committee 2013-2015
  • Diversity and Inclusion Committee Board Liaison 2016-2018
  • Education Committee 2010-2018
  • International Conference Committee Board Liaison 2017-2018
  • Learning Management System Task Force 2014-2015
  • Scientific Assembly Planning Sub-Committee 2014-2015
  • Women in Emergency Medicine Committee Board Liaison 2015
  • Women in Emergency Medicine Committee 2014-2018
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Executive Chair 2017
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Scientific Committee 2015, 2017
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Steering Committee 2015, 2017
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Speaker 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Abstract Chair 2015, Judge 2011, 2017
  • Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress Clinical Case Competition Organizer 2015
  • Scientific Assembly Speaker 2014-2018
  • Scientific Assembly Abstract Judge 2014, 2015
  • Scientific Assembly Diagnostic Case Competition Judge 2014
  • Scientific Assembly Open Mic Judge 2014
  • AAEM & AAEM/RSA Residency Visit Speaker 2015-2018
  • Common Sense Author 2017-2018
  • AAEM and AAEM/RSA Podcast Contributor 2016, 2017

Candidate Statement

It has been my pleasure to serve the Academy in many capacities over the years I have been a member. My most recent service has been on the Board of Directors, and on the Executive Board as your Secretary-Treasurer. And I am excited to be a candidate for President-Elect.

During my years on the Board, Mark Reiter, Kevin Rodgers, David Farcy and I have established a close relationship focused on maintaining the integrity of the Academy’s mission and being true to the Mission Statement while moving the Academy’s brand forward to reflect the practice of emergency medicine in the 21st century. Our leadership as your Executive Board has resulted in the formation of a robust Women in EM Committee which has not only resulted in an increase in women active in the Academy, but an increase in women on the Board and an increased presence of women’s issues at Scientific Assembly. More recently, we have established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee, which has resulted in new members joining AAEM, and members who lapsed because they believed we lacked relevance have re-joined. Last year, I initiated a Memorandum of Understanding with the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT), resulting in AAEM and RSA presenting Diversity and Inclusion activities at ACMT’s annual meeting in Puerto Rico. Currently, I am collaborating with National Medical Association, the largest organization of Black physicians in the world, to develop a mentorship program at traditionally Black medical colleges, none of which have EM residency programs. As your Executive Board, we hired a full time Social Media staff person, and supported the development of a Social Media Task Force and the re-branding of our logo and slogan under the able leadership of Dr. Healy. We have added the Mediterranean Academy and AAEM-India as full chapters of the Academy, furthering our diversification and global reach. I recently served as Executive Chair of the most diverse and inclusive MEMC that AAEM ever sponsored, bringing new voices from all over the globe to share their knowledge, and experience what AAEM is about.

In the current climate of corporate practice of EM and alternative boards, when major EM organizations not only fail to take a stand against but actually support corporate practice and restrictive covenants, and elect non-EM boarded physicians to their leadership, the Academy stands alone in supporting the rights of emergency physicians and our patients. Mark, Kevin, David and I have done outstanding work together to support that Mission and insure that the Academy keeps pace with current practice issues. I ask you to support my election to the position of President-Elect. While we will miss Kevin’s mentorship, I am confident that the current Executive Board can continue the incredible work that we have done together. If you honor me by electing me as the Academy’s first woman and second ethnic minority President, I will serve you with dedication to the Academy’s mission, passion for insuring that we remain relevant to the current practice climate, and unwavering integrity.