American Academy of Emergency Medicine


AAEM PAC is the political action committee of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine. Through AAEM PAC, the Academy is able to support legislation and effect change on behalf of its members and with consideration to their unique concerns. Your support of AAEM PAC is essential to its success. Direct your voluntary donations to:

555 East Wells Street
Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI 53202-3823

At the September 27, 1996 meeting of the AAEM Board of Directors, the following motion passed, officially establishing AAEM PAC, the political action committee of AAEM:

Whereas the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) is committed to the advancement of the practice of Emergency Medicine by board certified specialists in Emergency Medicine, and

Whereas AAEM is also committed to the highest quality of care for all emergency care patients,

Be it resolved that AAEM establish a separate, segregated fund as prescribed by the Federal Election Committee Guidelines in order to represent and advance the interests of board certified emergency physicians, Emergency Medicine residents, Emergency Medicine patients, and Emergency Medicine as a medical specialty as determined by the Board of AAEM, and

Be it further resolved that the separate, segregated fund shall be known as AAEM PAC and shall be the responsibility of the AAEM PAC subcommittee of the AAEM Board of Directors composed of a chair and four committee members appointed and serving by appointment of the President with the approval of the Board by fax or e-mail ballot to a one-year term of office, and

Be it finally resolved that the first task of the committee shall be the formulation of a proposed policy of operation for consideration and approval by the Board.

Since the time of its formation, members' support of AAEM PAC has been encouraging. As we continue to gain support, AAEM PAC will become a powerful force to act on behalf of the members of AAEM in fulfilling the missions of our organization. With the on-going realization of these goals, our dedicated efforts will help to improve the overall quality of health care in our country and to improve the lot of all emergency physicians.

AAEM urges your participation in the effort. Donations are welcomed, but we are also interested in hearing your ideas for the specific mission and activities of AAEM PAC. As the democratic organization in Emergency Medicine, your views are the views that will direct our efforts. What battles would you like us to fight for you? What legislation do you see as important? Direct your comment and ideas to info@aaem.org.