American Academy of Emergency Medicine

U.S. Election - Candidate Information

November 6 — Be Informed!
Vote for candidates that understand emergency medicine’s issues

Before going to the voting booth on November 6, make sure you know each candidate’s position. AAEM's Legislative Action Center contains a comprehensive resource specifically designed to meet all your election 2012 needs whether they are federal, state or local. From detailed candidate bios to voter registration services, from information about specific ballot initiatives to help in locating polling sites, all this can be found here.

The features include:

  1. ZIP code and address-to-district matching for a list of congressional, statewide and state legislature candidates
  2. Candidate biographical and contact information 
  3. Candidate position statements   
  4. Links to candidate meet ups  
  5. Statewide ballot initiative information
  6. Voter guide information including key dates and deadlines, ID needed at the polls, and links to voting
  7. machine descriptions and polling locations Voter registration forms.

In addition, for any of your federal legislators, look up their voting record on the issues of concerns to AAEM and the emergency medicine community. Go to your representative's or senator's homepage on AAEM's Legislative Action Center and click on the tabs "Votes" and "Bills" to see how they align with AAEM positions.

But, most importantly, VOTE on November 6!