American Academy of Emergency Medicine


AAEM Does Not Endorse a Specific Product in Patient Treatment

AAEM Members,

Today the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sent an email stating that the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) endorsed tPA. This statement was not correct; the AAEM board does not endorse a specific product in patient treatment.

The email referenced an article from the December 2012 Journal of Emergency Medicine titled "Tissue plasminogen activator and stroke: review of the literature for the clinician." DeMers G, Meurer WJ, Shih R, Rosenbaum S, Vilke GM. J Emerg Med. 2012 Dec;43(6):1149-54.

This article was written by the AAEM Clinical Practice Committee as an expanded version of an AAEM board-approved clinical practice guideline written in 2010 titled "Clinical Practice Statement: Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA) and Stroke: A Clinical Practice Advisory (4/12/10)."

The Clinical Practice Committee's statement concluded that: 

1. tPA is one treatment option for stroke when given in academic medical centers and prepared stroke centers.
2. Emergency physicians should have necessary resources (i.e., stroke team) to optimally care for suspected stroke patients.
3. Hospitals should formulate a plan for timely care of patient with suspected acute stroke.

To view the letter sent to the CDC from AAEM please click here.