American Academy of Emergency Medicine


ABEM Seeks Board of Directors Nominations

Join the ABEM Board of Directors

The American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM) is in the process of soliciting nominations for two at-large seats on the ABEM board of directors that will become vacant at the end of their July 2014 meeting. They are soliciting nominations from emergency medicine organizations, as well as the emergency medicine community.

If you are interested in being nominated by AAEM, please contact the AAEM headquarters at 800-884-2236, or email AAEM at info@aaem.org. Nominees need to be active members of the Academy as well as active in ABEM.

ABEM will elect these two new directors at its February 2014 board of directors meeting.

Solicitation efforts are broad to maximize the number of qualified individuals available for consideration by the ABEM Nominating Committee. ABEM invites and encourages your organization to submit nominations for these director positions by December 1, 2013.

The ABEM Nomination Committee will review all nominations and prepare a slate of candidates for consideration by the board of directors. The board of directors will vote on this slate at its February 2014 meeting. The newly elected directors will begin an initial four-year term in July 2014, and upon successful completion of that term, will be eligible for election to a second and final four-year term after the July 2018 meeting. New directors will attend the July 2014 board of directors meeting as observers.

Nominated physicians must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a graduate of an ACGME-accredited emergency medicine residency program.
  • Be an ABEM diplomate for a minimum of ten years
  • Have demonstrated extensive active involvement in organized emergency medicine. Ideally, this includes long-term experience as an ABEM item writer, oral examiner, or ABEM-appointed representative.
  • Be actively involved in the clinical practice of emergency medicine

For each physician nominated, the board must receive the following four items by December 1, 2013

  1. Nomination Form
    Please complete the Director Nomination Form, which you may download from the ABEM website at www.abem.org. The form should not be altered in any way except to add the requested information in the space provided. The form should be computer-printed or typewritten. Make copies first if you plan to submit more than one name.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
    The nominee's CV must be submitted.
  3. Letter of Recommendation
    Please submit a letter that addresses the individual's relevant qualifications, as referenced in the criteria; the letter of recommendation must be submitted by someone other than the nominee.
  4. Letter of Willingness to Serve
    The nominee must submit a letter expressing interest in and a willingness to serve as an ABEM director.

If you are interested in being nominated by AAEM, please contact the AAEM headquarters at 800-884-2236, or email AAEM at info@aaem.org.