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American Society of Hematology - Sickle Cell Disease Forum - Call for Comments

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is in the midst of a multi-faceted initiative to address the burden of sickle cell disease (SCD), both in the United States and globally. As a first step to the broader initiative, the Society hosted an ASH SCD Summit in April 2015 to identify the highest priority actions needed to improve outcomes for individuals with SCD in the United States and globally, and to map a plan to advance these actions in the short-term (less than five years) and long-term (five to ten years).

The Summit set the stage for developing a collaborative and forward-looking initiative. The discussions identified key partners including the government, patient advocacy organizations, other medical/scientific societies, public health organizations, foundations, and industry. The Summit also yielded ideas that addressed issues which included reimbursement concerns, models of multidisciplinary quality-focused care, existing gaps in research, as well as the education and training of care providers.

ASH plans to develop a Call to Action on Sickle Cell Disease, based on the strategies developed at the Summit, as well as the feedback the Socieity receives from other stakeholders. As ASH further refines and prioritizes the issues pinpointed during the Summit, they believe that it would be best to hear from AAEM members' opinions on these strategies.

If you'd like to participate in the review - please contact AAEM directly by September 23rd. The review is due September 25th.

800-884-2236 or info@aaem.org