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Attention Members! What type of long-term care solution do you need?

Attention AAEM Members!

To help educate AAEM members about long-term care solutions, Hays Companies, the AAEM Insurance program provider, has developed a comprehensive educational program to provide you with all the information you need to determine which type of long-term care solution is appropriate for you.

Need more information? Go to http://www.aaemltc.com or call 1-888-305-4582

What to Know
Long term care insurance can be purchased by those who qualify. They will pay into to their policy and, if and when the time comes, will be provided coverage for certain long term care needs. So how does it take the uncertainty out of retirement?

Medicare will only cover certain health care costs and generally doesn't account for long term care. As some could be unaware of this, these individuals might have to end up paying for long term care needs out of their own pocket. Considering the high cost of a nursing home, many take the uncertainty of how they'd pay for this care out of the equation by purchasing long term care insurance.

There is another benefit to long term care insurance. Perhaps the worst aspect of not being able to pay for long term care is that a financial burden will be placed on children or other loved ones. This can cause rifts among family members, as there could be disagreements on who will pay or where a parent will receive their care. All these headaches are taken away by purchasing long term care insurance.

It's important those looking to get long term care insurance apply for a policy while they are still young and healthy. A policy will be cheaper for someone when they are younger and in good health. In addition, someone could be denied coverage altogether if they have certain issues. Need more information? Go to http://www.aaemltc.com or call 1-888-305-4582.