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Call for Volunteers: Assist with the EM PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl at AAEM14!

Members Needed for Preparation and Production of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship Challenge Bowl at 2014 AAEM Scientific Assembly

An exciting new addition to the 2014 American Academy of Emergency Medicine Scientific Assembly will be the Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship Challenge BowlThe Challenge Bowl will take place 8:00am-12:00pm on Wednesday, February 12.

More and more emergency physicians work with physician assistants on a daily basis, and are familiar with their valuable contributions to our patient care teams in the emergency department.

The Challenge Bowl will include teams of physician assistants (PAs) from various Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship programs who will compete against each other in an exciting Challenge Bowl, to demonstrate their knowledge in a competitive format. The two-member teams represent PA Fellowship programs and will compete head-to-head, to answer live questions from the contest moderator. 

AAEM members are needed for the following tasks to execute the Challenge Bowl on Feb. 12 including:

1. A panel of judges, to adjudicate question responses from the teams, as they compete.

2. A panel of AAEM members who can provide onsite assistance to execute the event

3. AAEM members to product five to ten multiple choice or short answer questions that could be used or adapted for use in the Challenge Bowl. Your efforts would be much appreciated, and will be recognized in the literature for the Challenge Bowl as a question-writing contributor.

Please consider offering your assistance to be a contest judge, contest assistant, or question writer for this important new addition to our 2014 Scientific Assembly.  If you are interested, notify Marcia Blackman (mblackman@aaem.org).  Thank you.

LT Kishla Askins, PA-C

Gary Gaddis, MD PhD FAAEM