American Academy of Emergency Medicine


IFEM Initiatives Announced

Following the recent round of meetings in Seattle, a number of initiatives were identified. Volunteers are invited to join any of the following groups. Please forward names, contact email and a one line summary of experience to the IFEM Secretariat.

Efficacy of Emergency Medicine Taskforce
Dr. Terry Mulligan (ACEP/IFEM Board) is Chair of this group which is preparing to develop a ‘strength of evidence’ analysis. There is huge need for evidence and commentary on the value and efficacy of EM, on multiple levels and in multiple dimensions. The potential is huge for examining the data, collecting data and constructing commentary and conclusions on EM’s efficacy and value, and the outcomes hold tremendous power to move EM development forward in multiple systems. It is proposed to separate the project into phases: 1.Preparation, 2. Literature Search, 3. Data Extraction Collection, 4.Data Analysis & Stratification, and 5. Report of Systematic Review.

Triage Special Interest Group
IFEM is hoping to reinvigorate this group and nominations for a Chair and members are invited.

Communications Taskforce
One of tasks for next year will be to review and improve IFEM’s communications by developing a strategy. We need informed and passionate volunteers to provide feedback and ideas.

Disaster Medicine Fellowship Program with India
If you or your members are interested in assisting develop a Disaster Medicine Fellowship Program with the Society for Emergency Medicine, India, we can put you in touch with the relevant individuals.

More information can be obtained from the Secretariat.