American Academy of Emergency Medicine


Merck Manual/AAEM Video Project

The Merck Manual (http://www.themerckmanual.com/) is preparing “How-To” videos of over 100 common outpatient and emergency department medical procedures. The videos will be used for teaching purposes and made available free of charge, without registration on our website and incorporated into free mobile apps in multiple languages for worldwide distribution. We particularly want to facilitate use of the apps in parts of the developing world where internet access is limited — rural Africa and South America, China, India — and students and providers really need this kind of information. There will be no commercial use, including specifically no ads or fees of any sort, and no promotion of Merck products.

AAEM has agreed to help The Manuals find ED physician partners to shoot raw footage of live procedures in the ED. The Manuals team will use this footage to create finished videos and accompanying text. We just need the raw footage. In return, AAEM (and all shooting partners) will receive copies of the finished videos to use for teaching or other non-commercial purposes.

We are trying this crowd-sourcing method because if only one in 10 of you shot only one procedure over the next 6 months, we could be done. To learn more about this project, visit http://www.merckmanuals-author-help.com/Procedure/index.html.