American Academy of Emergency Medicine


Message About CPOM and Fee Splitting

Please consider reading the linked brief from the Texas Medical Association in support of AAEM regarding the corporate practice of medicine. You are aware of our intense efforts to oppose the lay corporate takeover of EM as this violates state CPOM laws. While the rest of EM stands on the sidelines in this matter, we can at least count on support from major players in organized medicine such as the TMA. Upon reading this brief, you will see that our efforts have a strong foundation. With your continued support of AAEM and the Foundation, we will aggressively act on your behalf.

Click on this link for the brief from the Texas Medical Association:

Also, please read the letter sent by AAEM to the Ohio State Medical Board regarding fee splitting. Fee splitting is the practice of sharing fees with professional colleagues, such as physicians, for patient or client referrals. In medicine, fee splitting is illegal. Yet, physicians working for large corporations are essentially forced to give up a large portion of their fees in order to be allowed to see patients. This practice is detailed in the letter to the Ohio State Medical Board. This represents yet another avenue by which AAEM continues to fight against the illegal practices so prevalent in our specialty.

Click on this link for the letter to the Ohio State Medical Board: