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The Cost of Admission - "60 Minutes" Segment Available Online

The Cost of Admission - "60 Minutes" Available Online

The Cost of Admission
On Friday, we sent an email to membership alerting you to a “60 Minutes” segment which aired over the weekend. The segment is titled: The Cost of Admission and includes information on Health Management Associates (HMA), Naples, FL. In the program, Steve Kroft “investigates allegations from doctors that the hospital chain they worked for pressured them to admit patients regardless of their medical needs.”

AAEM was contacted earlier this year by a CBS producer requesting we help him contact former HMA doctors in order to “hear from objective sources on the ground” regarding this matter. AAEM sent a message to our membership seeking any physicians who had worked at HMA hospitals and who were familiar with the systemic practices currently under scrutiny. Specifically, information regarding ED admission pressures and the use of the “Blue Book” and ProMed program related to CHS.

The program touched upon these issues, which may be of interest to AAEM membership. The segment is now available on the “60 Minutes” website.

Click here to view the segment, The Cost of Admission.

In Good Hands? — Twenty Years of Emergency Medicine on “60 Minutes”
Additionally, in 1993, Mike Wallace investigated issues related to contract management groups and board certification in emergency medicine — issues which helped spur the founding of AAEM. In his report on those issues in relation to emergency physicians, Mr. Wallace interviews AAEM's first two presidents: Dr. James Keaney, MD FAAEM (author of The Rape of Emergency Medicine) and Dr. Robert McNamara, MD FAAEM.

Click here to view the segment from 1993.