American Academy of Emergency Medicine

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AAEM Wants You to Become an Oral Board Review Course Volunteer Examiner

Volunteer Oral Board Review Course examiners are wanted for upcoming courses. The course is held at airport area Embassy Suites in Chicago, Dallas, Las Vegas and Orlando, and at the Sheraton Suites in Philadelphia.

First-time examiners receive a one-time AAEM voucher for $250.00 to be used on AAEM membership (yours or someone else's), meetings, courses or merchandise.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer examiner for the AAEM Oral Board Review Course, please complete the oral board examiner application.

Questions? Please contact AAEM staff member, Tom Derenne, at tderenne@aaem.org.


Do I qualify to be a volunteer Oral Board Review examiner?
You must be ABEM or AOBEM board certified and have the desire to share your knowledge with emergency medicine physicians taking the Oral Board Exam. You cannot be an ABEM/AOBEM certification exam examiner.

How does the AAEM Oral Board Review Course work?
The course simulates the actual Oral Board Exam. Each examiner is stationed in a hotel suite with an emergency medicine case folder and the participants are scheduled at 20 minute or 40 minute intervals, depending on whether the examiner has a single case or a multiple case.

Cases are assigned to examiners at random and guidelines for leading and scoring the cases are provided to examiners two to three weeks prior to the course. The Course Director at each site also leads all examiners through a 20-30 minute orientation at the start of the first day of the course.

Are expenses paid?
Yes. AAEM reimburses all volunteer Oral Board Review examiners
-Up to three nights hotel stay (room and tax only)
-Coach airfare or mileage ($.565/mile) to and from the course site.
-Incidentals: meals on travel days and parking at home airport. (Shuttle transportation from airport to hotel provided free by hotels.)

Are there any extras?
Yes. On Saturday evening AAEM hosts the “legendary” Oral Board Review dinner at one of the finest restaurants in the host city.

Which site would I be assigned?
In general we assign examiners to the site closest to where they live. We will assign examiners to course sites further from their home, if necessary.