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Mobile App User Guide




Mobile App Users Guide 

1. Download the app

There are two ways to download the app:
1) You use a QR Reader to scan the QR code below.

2) Visit the URL below using your phone or tablet's internet browser.



2. Add the app to your homescreen

If you prefer, for quick and easy access to the mobile app, you can add it to the homescreen of your phone so it will appear as an icon along side of your other apps.

When you first visit the app, this dialogue box will appear, and you can install the app at that time. If you choose not to install the app - you can access it by using the QR code or URL again.


3. Create your attendee profile (optional)

You can create an attendee profile for yourself.

Note: this profile is viewable by anyone who accesses the mobile app. When you registered for Scientific Assembly, you were given the option of adding your name to the mobile app. If so, you can add additional information to your profile. If you selected not to add your name, you can still create a profile under the "Attendees" tab.

In the upper right-hand corner the homescreen, select "Login" and add your preferred email address to create a profile.


                  Before Log-in                                                               After Log-in

You can choose to add: name, photo, title, company, and links to your website and social media profiles. This allows fellow AAEM members & app users to see who is in attendance at Scientific Assembly so you can look for colleagues or seek out new networking contacts. 


4. Create your own custom agenda & take notes

You can browse all of the tracks and sessions using the "Sessions" tab on the mobile app homescreen.

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  1. Select the "Sessions" tab on the mobile app homescreen.
  2. Browse through the session schedule by track or by time. Select "more" to switch dates.
  3. When you click on a specific session, you have the option to add it to your schedule or take notes in the app. (Note: you need to create a profile by entering your email address to access both the scheduling and note taking capabilities. See step 3 above.) To take notes, simply tap in the box and begin to type. When you are finished, be sure to save your notes. After you've completed your note taking, and saved your notes, you have the option to email your notes to yourself.
  4. Once you add sessions to your schedule, they will appear at the top of the app main page.


5. Select Exhibitors and Sponsors to visit

In the same manner you can select talks you wish to attend to create a personalize schedule, you can also select exhibitors you would like to visit!

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  1. When browsing the Exhibitors and Sponsors tab on the mobile app homescreen, simply tap the star next to an exhibitor you would like to make time to see, and they will be added to "My Favorite Exhibitors and Sponsors." The listings helpfully include the booth number of the exhibitors so you can easily locate them in the Austin Grand Ballroom.
  2. To view the exhibitors added to your "favorites" - tap on your profile picture in the upper right-hand corner to bring up your profile menu. Then select "Exhibitors" under the "Your Favorites" section.


6. Access speaker handouts

You can browse all of the talks and sessions planned for Scientific Assembly by selecting the "Sessions" tab on the mobile app homescreen. Select either "sort by time" or "sort by tracks" to navigate to different days of the assembly.

To view more information about a specific talk, simply click on the talk's title. On each talk's page you will be able to view the time & location, read the talk description, take notes on the session, and view the speaker's handouts (if applicable).

To access handouts, scroll to the bottom of the session detail page. If handouts were provided, they will be available underneath the session description.


7. Check out social media

Be sure to stay connected by viewing AAEM's social media profiles. The AAEM Twitter account (@aaeminfo) will be live-tweeting the Assembly's schedule as events begin, in addition to other information. Follow #AAEM15 for all Scientific Assembly tweets, and be sure to tag your own tweets as well!


8. Refresh the app

The content of the mobile app is frequently updated to ensure that you have access to the most up-to-date speaker handouts, alerts, attendee profiles and schedules available.

Be sure to update your app by selecting "Refresh App" on the left-hand side menu navigation to make sure you have the most current information available.