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What Are Pecha Kucha Sessions?

Architects talk too much. That was the impetus for two designers to invent a new type of presentation. And, on a February night in 2003 in their gallery in Tokyo, they held the first ever Pecha Kucha session. Pecha Kucha (PK) comes from the Japanese term for the sound of a conversation, or more simply, “chit-chat.”

The PK format is simply a six minute and 40 second presentation
or 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide.

If architects talk too much — what about doctors? Prior to last year’s AAEM Scientific Assembly, the PK format had never been used at a major medical conference. The short session was very well received, and this year it will be expanded to a two-day event. The PK Sessions will highlight many up-and-coming emergency physicians as well as some veteran AAEM speakers.

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Twitter and PKs

The PK sessions are also the perfect time to stretch your tech muscles! Twitter will be an integral part of the PK experience this year. Audience members will have the ability to ask questions via the new Twitter handle @AAEM_PK during each six-minute session.



The talks are fast-paced and packed with high-yield information. In other words, they are ideal for an audience full of emergency physicians!

So come join us in Las Vegas for what is sure to be an exciting educational experience. And remember the name Pecha Kucha — you don’t have to be able to pronounce it to enjoy it!

Speakers & Topics

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