American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Speaker Development Group

The Speaker Development Group matches emerging interested individuals who would like to be national speakers with a mentor who is a nationally recognized AAEM speaker. The goal for the Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become confident, polished and engaged speakers.

Program Dates: May 1, 2018 - May 1, 2019

Applications are closed for the 2018-2019 program.


Goal of Program

The goal of the AAEM Speaker Development Group is to help mentees become a confident, polished, and engaged speaker. The Speaker Development Group relationship is mentee led. The Mentors have said, “If you want to get better at speaking, I’m here for you.”


Why Should I Apply?

Mentee benefits and expectations:

  • Guidance and direction from a highly respected, AAEM nationally recognized speaker to enhance speaking skills and content
  • Quarterly check-ins with your mentor
    • Quarter 1: Set goals and get initial guidance for speaking engagements
    • Quarter 2: Receive feedback on a past speaking engagement
    • Quarter 3: Guidance on topics to pursue and tips for presentation and speaking improvements
    • Quarter 4: Give newly improved presentation and discuss next steps
  • Metees are encouraged and responsible for keeping in contact with their mentors outside of the quarterly check-ins

Dr. Amal Mattu, MD FAAEM speaks with Dr. Kevin Reed, MD FAAEM and Dr. Evie Marcolini, MD FAAEM FCCM, active members on the AAEM Education Committee. Drs. Reed and Marcolini share more information on the program and tips for applying.

Listen to Drs. Mattu, Reed, and Marcolini discuss the new Speaker Development Group!


How Do I Apply?

To be eligible as a mentee, the individual should have:

  • Demonstrated initiative – The ideal candidate would lead and value the mentor relationship and take responsibility for at least four communication touch-points within the year and follow-up with mentor using available resources (Skype, videos, streaming, etc.) if not matched within close geographical area.
  • Current AAEM membership  – participation in the AAEM Speaker Development Group is a member benefit.
  • No formal speaking experience or training required.

The Speaker Development Group leadership selects nationally recognized AAEM speakers to serve as mentors.

Application Instructions

All applicants must fill out the form below. This includes submitting a video with the following information:

  1. Your name and institution and a brief summary of your training and passion in emergency medicine
  2. Previous speaking experience
  3. Mentoring experience or summary on what have you done to improve your public speaking skills
  4. Expectations/what you hope to gain from the Speaker Development Group

Application are no longer being accepted for the 2018-2019 program.


What Past Participants Have Shared

  • “Mike Winters provided excellent feedback and advice for a recent lecture at an outside institution.”
  • “Dr. Mattu is a world-class speaker, and his willingness to help develop future speakers is awesome.”
  • “Connecting with and working with rising speakers. Great fun.”  (Mentor quote)
  • “The direct access to experienced speaking experts is a definite highlight of the program. Mike Winters was very approachable and gave excellent advice.”


Contact Kathy Uy, MS CMP, AAEM Senior Meetings Manager at kuy@aaem.org or 800-884-2236.