American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Access to CMS Payments

In 2013, AAEM sent a letter to CMS (see below) urging the opening of physician payment information upon a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. While this proposal was directed at patient access we know that many EM physicians are denied access to what is billed and paid in their name and could also benefit from this knowledge. CMS has now announced that you can get access to physician payment information. The details are listed in the Federal Register at: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2014-01-17/pdf/2014-00808.pdf.

EM physicians are encouraged to send a FOIA request for what has been paid in their name to the below address. The following link will take you directly to everything you need to do this including a sample FOIA letter with the address on where to send it. We have also provided a phone number if you wish to inquire further.

Website: http://www.cms.gov/foia/.
FOIA Requester Service Center: Phone: (410) 786-5353

Send request to:
Michael Marquis
FOIA Officer
North Building, Room N2-20-06
7500 Security Boulevard
Baltimore, MD 21244
(410) 786-5353 (Telephone)
(410) 786-0474 (Fax)