American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Contract issues

Date: July 19, 2004
Subject: Contract issues

Dr. McNamara:

It was nice speaking with you today concerning our contract problems with Spectrum Healthcare Resources.

We are a group of 5 physicians working at the Emergency Department at xxxxxxxx. Presently, we are under a contract with Spectrum Healthcare Resources. Within that contract, there is a passage that states, to paraphrase; we are responsible for a "recruitment fee" of $35,000, if we were to continue to work at the hospital after they (Spectrum) lose the contract. None of the physician's had anything to do with the loss of the contract. Personally, they put nothing (manpower or money) into my working there. I live in the area, I know the ED medical director from residency, and I contacted Spectrum (as that is the only way to work in the ED is through the present contract group). As I am a board certified Emergency physician, there was no extra training that was required. All physicians that work there wish to continue their practice there, and are asking for your assistance in this matter.


xxxxxxx, MD, ABEM certified
AAEM Member