American Academy of Emergency Medicine

EmCare in Texas

Dr. McNamara,

Thank you for your response. I really don't understand how EmCare has gotten by holding so many contracts in Texas since the corporate practice of medicine is prohibited; however, EmCare is entrenched in Texas. I recently viewed some of the documents you attached to your email on the AAEM website and am only more discouraged and upset that I am employed by EmCare. I am very interested in helping you challenge the right of EmCare to hold contracts in Texas.

When I completed residency I came back to Texas to work and, although I did not want to work for EmCare, I didn't have many other choices since they owned the contract at the hospital I wanted to work at. Fortunately, I had a friendly and helpful medical director who was not a fan of EmCare either. Circumstances changed, he was offered the MD position at a larger hospital, which EmCare had lost the contract on, and things only changed for the worst at my hospital. With his exit and the lost contract, I noticed my hourly pay dropped an average of $37 which concerned me and I addressed this only to find an antagonized response. Then, several promises were made to increase our pay with an hourly rate (claiming that a night differential would be included, but it was not). The new rate was actually lower than my usual, but at least it was closer to what I had previously. Still, rather then keep their promise, which I have in an email to all doctors, they are now decreasing our RVU rate as stated in a contract that was received after the date to go into effect. Of course, the doctor's fee pay for EmCare, but we are not allowed to see exactly what we generate and since EmCare owns the accounting, billing, etc, they can do whatever they want. The promises were made when EmCare thought they would retain the contract at the hospital. I have learned that they already have lost the contract from other sources so I believe that they are trying to take as much money from this contract as they can for EmCare corporate and their shareholders, but that's just a theory that is likely true but I can't prove it.

Again, thank you for your response. Please let me know if I can be of any help.

Texas EM physician