American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Recent article on Private vs. Corporate Medicine

September 05, 2003 3:43 AM
Subject: Recent article on Private vs. Corporate Medicine

Dear Dr. McNamara,

I am an Emergency Medicine Physician in Phoenix, AZ. One year ago, my group and I broke away from Team Health because of numerous issues that they were unable or unwilling to fix. Our story is a good one that has fear, bravery, high stake legal gambles, camaraderie, naiveté, and ultimately, vindication.

We close our first year in business on 9/30/2003 and by all accounts it has been very successful. We organized as a fully democratic and equal group. Besides the monetary gains, which have been substantial, there has been an invigoration in our group. This has manifested itself in numerous aspects including productivity, patient satisfaction, but most importantly, physician satisfaction. Every member now looks for ways to make us better. People are discovering talents that they were unaware of possessing. The transformation has been truly gratifying.

I have attached a letter that I drafted and sent to Emergency Physicians Monthly in response to your recent interview about corporate vs. private medicine. I don't know if they will publish it given their bias toward corporate medicine (Barb Katz's 3 part drivel about dispelling the myths of national contract groups comes to mind).

I find that my partners and I are uniquely qualified to discuss this topic given our experience. The overwhelming complacency of EPs is baffling to me. I fear that the notion of your work being used to enrich a small concentration of people has been so entrained in our psyche that it will be difficult to get EPs to recognize the inherent perversity.

If I can be of any help or if you want to hear a really good story, don't hesitate to call or contact me. Thank you for your continued support and advocacy.


Frank Contursi, MD
President, NVES