American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Message from a very concerned spouse

From: xxxxxxx
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 11:06 PM
To: info@aaem.org
Subject: More for "Messages from the Frontlines".

Thank you, Thank you Thank you for the newest addition to AAEM, Messages from the Frontlines.

Sometimes it seems as if we are the "only ones" out here in a sea of sharks, but AAEM provides much needed support.............

My husband recently "lost" his job at a rural hospital in Kentucky after working there for over 13 years. One day, after working several 24 hour shifts in one week, he was called at home on his first day off and told "we are taking you off the schedule". No rational reason, just that the hospital "doesn't want you back" and so this contract management group obviously had to abide by what the new hospital CEO wanted.

No peer review, no protection from staff bylaws (courtesy staff doesn't get that luxury), no thanks for all the RVU's he generated, he was just dumped because the CEO "had you in his sights and wanted you gone" and went about it in a very dishonest manner.

CMG's may have different names, but they are all a horse basically of the same color.

Thanks AAEM for all the incredible hard work that you do. Next renewal period I have been instructed by my husband to drop ACEP and put that money towards AAEM.

A very concerned spouse