American Academy of Emergency Medicine

Democratic Group in xxxxxxxx, Texas

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2005 12:56 AM
To: info@aaem.org
Subject: Re: AAEM Introduces a New Section on the Website - Messages From the Frontlines

Dear AAEM, re: my message from the Frontline.

25 years with a Democratic Group in xxxxxxxx, Texas. I was Senior member. We were contracted with 4 HCA hospitals for over 10 years; two of our hospitals were #1 and #6 in patient satisfaction surveys out of more than 500 HCA ED's in the country. We had recently negotiated a renewal of our contracts. 2 months later we were told that our contract was to be let for bids after the required 60 days notice. There was no real bidding-the contract was given to a Group out of xxxxxxx which already had 9 HCA contracts in that area, only two of which ranked in the upper 50th percentile in patient satisfaction surveys. I was specifically told not to apply with the new Group. I had a reputation as a loudmouth when it came to political matters. I am Board-Certified, and the only member of our original Group who was a member of AAEM. I had seen the writing on the proverbial wall long ago. I moved to xxxxxxx and am now doing a successful Emergency House-Call Practice. My former colleagues were promised specifics, in the way of pay guarantees, equality in the new group based on time with the former Group, and representation. After the transition, none of these "guarantees" materialized. Turns out, one of the Principles in the new Group, is also a Principle in HCA.

This area of Texas now has no Democratic ED Groups. The Practice of Emergency Medicine in that town is now controlled by Hospital Administrators. I am quite sure that the best interests of patients will no longer be a guiding priority in xxxxxxx, Texas.


xxxxxx FAAEM