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Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2005 9:38 AM
To: info@aaem.org
Subject: Corporate practice of medicine

At a meeting between the hospital ED physicians and the vice president of (corporate group), he stated that the operations were losing money, and pay cuts would be necessary. I told him that the problem was incompetent billing, and offered him proof through my personal experience which showed that the bills were sent out months late. He vigorously denied this.

Shortly after the medical director called late one night while I was at work and stated the hospital administration demanded that I be fired immediately. When asked on what grounds he said that staff physicians had complained about my work. When asked for specific examples he was unable to give me any, or tell me who was complaining. I asked for personal meeting, he said he was too busy to meet with me personally.

On leaving the nursing and ancillary staff had a party for me, and the medical staff hosted a dinner at a local restaurant. The medical director had to attend and seemed very embarrassed by the whole matter.

My position was not replaced by anyone, after I left.