American Academy of Emergency Medicine


Thank you to the editor for cogent commentary on this question. The answer to the question is an emphatic YES! ABEM’s mission should be ensuring that board certified physicians are keeping their knowledge up to date. They have stepped beyond their comfort zone with the silly Assessment of Practice Performance (APP). The APP is also redundant in that physicians already have plenty of parties assessing our practice performance from medical directors to nurses to administrators to patients to trial lawyers to payors to government bureaucrats (did I leave anyone out?).

AAEM should piggyback on the recent suspension of APP by the American Board of Internal Medicine and pressure ABEM to do the same.

— David Hoyer, MD FAAEM

Thanks for your letter. The Academy is doing just what you suggest with ABEM, but it would help if ABEM, AOBEM and the ABMS heard directly from their diplomates on the topic of MOC and its (endlessly growing number of) various components. If individual physicians take this lying down MOC will never improve, but get steadily more burdensome and expensive.

— The Editor

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