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Medical Liability and the Emergency Physician: A State by State Comparison — Part 4

I have been meaning to get ahold of him for months now ... because somehow I misplaced the issue that I wanted to see for the next part of the series.

I'm wanting to see what he wrote about the state of Kentucky...is there any way I could get what he wrote emailed to me, as well as the web addresses/links that he used for resources, which he had been providing at the end of these articles.

Your help would be much appreciated! Thanks.

— Clint Simpson

Of course. Here is the link to the entire series (so far): http://www.aaem.org/publications/common-sense/medical-liability-state-by-state. Dr. Roslund did a great deal of research to produce this series, and many of his sources are personal conversations and emails with individual physicians in particular states. The public sources he used are listed in his references and "Methods" section. The final installment in his series is coming soon, to be followed by a summary of what he learned in his research and the conclusions he reached on medical liability and tort reform.

You are not the only reader of Common Sense avidly following the series. Dr. Roslund was invited by the editor of EP Monthly to write a summary of his research for that magazine, and that article will appear this summer.

— The Editor

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