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20th Annual Scientific Assembly Competition Winners


February 21, 2014

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MILWAUKEE — The American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM) announces the competition winners from the 20th Annual Scientific Assembly, in New York City, NY, February 11-15, 2014.

AAEM/JEM Resident & Student Abstract Competition Winners — 
This competition is designed to recognize outstanding research achievements by residents and students in emergency medicine. Out of a total 57 submissions, eight were selected for oral presentation. The top oral presentations are as follows:

1st Place: Matt Gaffigan, MD, “Haldol/Benadryl vs. Reglan/Benadryl for Treatment of Acute Headache in the ED — An RCT”

2nd Place: Shannon Toohey, MD, “Reasons for Visit: Comparing Patient Perceptions to Emergency Screening Index (ESI)”

3rd Place: Brenton Taggart, MD, “Lactate Levels in the Acutely Ill Patient: Does the Tourniquet Falsely Elevate the Result?”

Photo Competition Winners —

Ninety-nine original photographs were presented at the AAEM 20th Annual Scientific Assembly in New York City. Photographs of patients, pathology specimens, gram stains, EKGs, and radiographic studies or other visual data were submitted. The top photos are as follows:

1st Place: Katarzyna Hampton, MD RDMS, “Not so FAST”      

2nd Place: Beth Kushner, DO, “My Belly is Killing Me”

3rd Place: Justin McNamee, DO, “Digging ‘Deep’ for Details”

Diagnostic Case Competition Winner —
In the 2nd Annual Diagnostic Case Competition, salient features of an emergency department case were highlighted, differential diagnosis was offered, and a logical discussion was provided to argue to a final diagnosis. Although an accurate final diagnosis is important, the majority of the judging was focused on the discussion and presentation.

Michael Takacs, MD MS FAAEM, “What Do You See?”

Open Mic Winners —

Assembly attendees had an opportunity to present a 25-minute lecture on any topic of their choosing, allowing 16 “new voices” in emergency medicine to be heard and evaluated by education committee members and conference attendees. The top two speakers will be invited to give a formal presentation at the 2015 Scientific Assembly in Austin, TX.

1st Place Faculty: Andrew Sloas, DO RDMS FAAEM

2nd Place Faculty: Cameron Berg, MD FAAEM

1st Place Resident: Siavash Sarlati, MD

2nd Place Resident: Katarzyna Hampton, MD RDMS

Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl Winners —

The 1st Annual AAEM Emergency Medicine PA Fellowship Challenge Bowl is a friendly competition among Emergency Medicine PA Fellows designed to be entertaining and educational for students, faculty, graduates, and guests.

1st Place: Chadd Allen, PA-C, and Libby Shern, PA-C, Regions Hospital


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